Barry Michaels DC, MPA

Who is Barry Michaels?

Let me begin by introducing myself, I’m Barry Michaels and I’m running for the U.S. Senate in Nevada. I’ve chosen to run because like many of you, I too am tired of what’s going on in Washington. I believe we are at a point where our country’s two-party system is no longer working and is slowly destroying our nation.

I can’t remember when a member of one party could no longer have an intelligent conversation with a member of the opposite party without risking a possible physical confrontation.

It’s time “WE THE PEOPLE” standup and pay closer attention to the candidates rather than their political party. I believe both political party’s have hidden agendas, only caring about which candidate can raise the most amount of money, rather than who is the most qualified candidate.

I believe with your help 2018 will be the year for an Independent Candidate to win the U.S. Senate race in Nevada and I am that Candidate.

Either way I look at it, there will be a weak candidate representing the Democrats and another weak candidate representing the Republicans. Sure they will have lots of money to spend but “WE THE VOTERS” need to let the party know its not just about money, its about who can do the best job for Nevada and our Country.

I’ve never held political office but I know how government works and how to get things done. I’m not looking to further my career, don’t need it on my resume nor do I want more than one term in office. I’ve chosen to run as an Independent so I would not be obligated to either party and free to choose what’s best for my constituents.

Although my political views are many and they are diversified, I tend to lean toward’s the conservative side when it comes to economic issues and the liberal on social issues. I believe jobs, education and healthcare come first and accordingly I have created my own “plans” to help make Nevada and our Nation number one in the world.

Like beginning any business, my plan usually starts with a numerical spread sheet, “dollars in vs dollars out” all the while designed to be either revenue neutral or positive. An important part of my plan is my two column theory which means when you do something in the left column, you need to check the effects in right column.

As an Independent Candidate I will not be in Nevada’s Primary Election but be sure to look for me on the ballot in November. Thank you!

Please read “My Story” it’s part of who I am and what sets me apart from other candidates.

Listen to my first radio interview: