Guns and the Second Amendment

Let’s ACT NOW, rather than kick the can down the road. With a population of over 340 million there are bound to be nuts just waiting for the right time to set a new record for for greatest number killed in one event. What will it take on our part to realize this is a real threat that must be dealt with as quickly as possible.

To begin with I’ve never been much of an advocate of guns but I’m smart enough to know they are here to stay. There are currently more than three hundred million in this country that we know about.

I believe in the Second Amendment like I do all the other amendments, but I also believe there can be restrictions as to the type of weapons available without conflicting with one’s constitutional rights.

There are things we should do to reduce the number of "mass" shootings and there are things we can do that may be of some help. To begin with we should ban future sales of high capacity magazine clips and military style rapid fire assault type weapons (with a suitable buy back provision for existing ones). I recognize this alone will not solve the entire problem but will provide the biggest piece of the much complicated problem. Mental illness is a big problem but unfortunately one that will not be solved overnight.

I believe in the right of self protection but I do not believe in open carry. if one feels the need to arm themselves outside the home it should be with a concealed carry permit with the necessary knowledge and training.

I have filed a Second Amendment lawsuit on April 8, 2016, against Loretta Lynch, as Attorney General of the United States, and Thomas E. Brandon, as Deputy Director and Head of the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

My suit alleges under current federal law I can run for the U.S. Senate even become the President of the United States, have my finger on the nuclear trigger; however, I would face a five-year prison sentence if my finger were on the trigger of a Colt 45.

I believe the Federal Gun Control Act 18 U.S.C. Section 922(g)(1), as applied to him and millions of other similarly situated "law-abiding" felons, violates their constitutional rights.
The lawsuit is as much about civil liberties and second class citizenship, as it is about the desire to possess a firearm. The statute’s purpose is to protect the public from violent offenders. i argue that "Non-violent felons pose no greater risk than other law-abiding citizens and to impose a lifelong ban is certainly cruel and unusual punishment under the Eighth Amendment."

The Complaint and all subsequent filings can be viewed at: