Barry Michaels is a Felon Running for the U.S. Senate in Nevada

Barry Michaels is a convicted felon running for the United States Senate in Nevada. Like many,  he’s fed up with the two party system and as such he is running as an Independent Candidate, free from any party influence.

U.S. Senate Nevada 2018 – as a felon himself, Barry Michaels promises to represent millions of other law abiding felons in Washington.

Barry is looking to organize the 23 million plus felons, their friends, relatives and others who believe every law biding citizen is entitled to equal protection of the law. Who better to represent their cause in Washington and help put an end to the “felon for life syndrome.” 

Barry’s goal is to play an important role in changing our country’s criminal justice system where he’s already began by filing a class action lawsuit against the federal government to restore 2nd Amendment rights of millions of law abiding non-violent felons who have completed their sentence more than five years ago.

The stigma felons face in being labeled a “felon for life” usually results in various forms of disenfranchisement –  at the voting booth, in the employment field, and even in the pursuit of business and professional opportunities.  

Unfortunately they aren’t the only ones that feel the effect.  Recidivism costs taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars every year as part of the high cost of revolving door justice. Our constitution has only one type of citizen so why treat felons as second class citizens.

You may never see another person more dedicated to change, . See: