Will Jacky Rosen Debate Barry Michaels for the U.S. Senate Seat in Nevada?

Will Jacky Rosen Debate Barry Michaels for the U.S. Senate Seat in Nevada?

Plaintiff is an Independent candidate for United States Senate in Nevada and was invited to participate in defendant’s October 4thS. Senate debate. Upon further examination of defendant’s criteria to qualify, plaintiff realized he needed to have raised $50,000.00 in donations and that this requirement alone would exclude him from participating. Plaintiff’s immediate reaction was that this amount was deliberately included for the purposes of eliminating all candidates, but those of the Democrat and Republican parties.

Without participation in the debate the opportunity to present a “third voice” for the voting public is for all practical purposes lost for the plaintiff.

On August 13th, 2018 plaintiff submitted a complaint to the Federal Election Commission (FEC MUR 7484) regarding defendant’s upcoming U.S. Senate debate, the FEC simply lacks the power to halt the debate while it analyzes and determines whether defendant has broken any laws.  By the time such an analysis will be completed, the point will be rendered moot as the debate will have already taken place.  Thus, it is onlythisDistrict Courtthat has the power to issue injunctive relief in order to maintain a temporary status quo while the FEC undergoes its analysis and determination. In this regard, the District Court has the power to prevent irreparable damage to plaintiff’s campaign and the voting public at large.

Lets agree to debate rather than have the federal Court decide!